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The 'Day Dream' collection is a story of transitioning to a dream-like state of higher consciousness, an exploration of life after death & our earthly connection to the spiritual realm.

When we sleep, many believe it is a time for our minds and bodies to restore, heal & rejuvenate and while that may be true, many also believe there is something deeper and more spiritual that happens when we sleep.
What happens to our subconscious while we are sleeping and what is awaiting us after we die?
Is there some kind of thread that connects what happens to our subconscious while we are asleep and what happens to our higher consciousness after we die? Do we experience a form of spiritual awakening when our minds and bodies are dormant in our waking life? 
This series depicts the journey our higher consciousness takes when we leave our bodies; in sleep and in death. So often your most perplexing questions are hidden in life's most ordinary human experiences.

REM, Acrylic Paint on Canvas, 2023

18" x 24"

IN WONDERLAND, Mixed Media on Canvas, 2023, with real pressed flowers

36" x 48"

PAST LIFE, Mixed Media on Canvas, 2023

36" x 48" 

"Past Life" by Ryley James Art

SUBCONCIOUS SNOOZE, Acrylic Paint on Canvas, 2023

18" x 24"

Alice - Original Artwork

ALICE, Mixed Media on Canvas, 2023

36" x 36"

FOLLOW THE LIGHT, Mixed Media on Canvas, 2023

18" x 24"



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