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  • Can you recreate an artwork that has already been sold?
    Yes, absolutely! No piece can be recreated exactly to match the original, that is why they are original works, but I can recreate a piece (of my own work) using the same style, colours, and placements, although it will never be identical to an original work. It will however be an original artwork of its own! *Recreations are ONLY created from original Ryley James artworks, do NOT request a recreation of an artwork created by another artist!
  • Do you offer commissioned artworks?
    Yes, clients can request to commission a custom artwork in the same style of work. Clients may select their canvas size, colour palette, preferred style (select from a wide collection of artworks showcased on the site), and may request personal additions (ex. a favourite flower, quote, recycled fabrics, etc.) *personal additions are added at the sole discretion of the artists dependant on the request. *commissioned artworks must align with the artists original style and theme (aka flowers.. I do not paint people, places or pets).
  • Do you have a local studio I can visit?
    Yes & studio is currently located in my home, a short walking distance from downtown Barrie. Clients may visit my studio upon request, if you are interested in stopping by, please send an email to
  • Can I purchase a print of an original artwork?
    If you would like to order a custom print please email me at and include the artwork you want as a print and I will confirm if prints are available for that piece. *Most original works created in the last year can be turned into a custom print, but not all works are available for print.
  • What medium(s) does Ryley James use in her art?
    Ryley James uses a range of different mediums in her works. Most of her pieces are mixed media and include mediums such as; acrylic paint, oil paint, oil pastels, collaging, textile fabrics, embroidery, real pressed flowers, charcoal, pen & acrylic inks.
  • Did Ryley James complete schooling in the arts?
    No, Ryley is an entirely self-taught artist! She has been painting since she was 16, but art has been a part of her life since she was old enough to hold a crayon. Ryley uses art as a form of therapy in her own life to manage her lifelong battle with manic depression.
  • What does Ryley James use to create her illustration Prints?
    Ryley's illustrations are created using Procreate on an ipad and she prints them from her studio printer (Epson Expression Photo HD XP-15000) using photo luster matte print paper.
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