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COLLECTION, 2022-2023

This series of original paintings are inspired by change. Each original painting is influenced by a topic that I feel passionate about and hope to encourage a conversation that will help impact positive change. This series depicts topics such as environmental awareness, climate change, nature, femininity and mental health. 

I believe we all have the ability to affect change, but how we chose to do that is different. I believe energy defines our universe; how we think, interact & express ourselves; it impacts everything around us. When we chose to recognize our individual abilities & talents, we can find our power and how we chose to use it, is our prerogative. This is just one of mine.

DREAMY, Mixed Media on Canvas, 2022

30" x 40"

STORMI, Oil Paint on Canvas, 2022

30" x 40"

FEMINIST, Mixed Media on Canvas, 2022

36" x 36"

MEADOW LAKE, Oil Paint on Canvas, 2023

47" x 35"




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