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Art Commissions

Previous Client Commissions & Personalized Prints

"A Day In September"

Custom Illustration Print

This beautiful print was created as a gift from a mother to her daughter. The illustration is a recreation of a photograph of the daughter on her recent wedding day, holding her bouquet. The best part is, this bouquet was actually created by the mother. 



Original Mixed Media Painting

This piece was initially an original artwork, that became a commission mid-way through painting, after meeting a lovely lady at one of my gallery shows. Originally this artwork was created entirely from using leftover paint from my palette, as I worked on other original works in my studio. This painting was inspired by my 'Secret Garden' Collection and is intended to be interactive, similar to the "Where's Waldo" experience. This client asked me to hide a few meaningful additions within the painting, these included; a bumblebee and a specific flower called 'Birds of Paradise'... Can you find the bumblebee?


Original Acrylic & Oil Painting

This piece was another original painting that turned into a commission, after meeting a client at a gallery show, where I was working on this piece at the time.

Image (31).jpeg

"Wedding Bouquet"

Original Acrylic Painting

This commission was created for a very close friend of mine for her sister's wedding. The background colours are inspired by her wedding colours and the bouquet was created from photography of the tables centerpieces for the weddings reception.

"Whimsical Wonderland"

Original Oil Painting

This piece was inspired by one of my original paintings"Somber Summer"- which is still available in my studio!

The client wanted to mimic the original piece with a slightly different colour palette to match her home. This piece was created on a 48x60 inch canvas!

Untitled_Artwork (20)_edited.jpg


Original Oil Painting

This original oil painting was created for a friend of mine, who I met when I was a flight attendant! She requested a painting of a "stormy ocean" and the piece was inspired by my "Art For Change" Collection; which is a series of original paintings with a common theme of topics I am passionate about and would like to build awareness around, such as; global warming, sustainability, feminism, Canadian First Nations and human rights. 

This piece was a technical challenge for me, but I enjoyed every second of learning something new and teaching myself a foreign technique from how I typically work with oil paints. 

"Forever Love"

Custom Illustration Print

This commission was created as a digitally illustrated print! I created the print in Procreate and was developed using the original photo and turned into an illustration. This commission was created as a bridal shower gift and it is a photo from the evening they had got engaged! 

IMG_5610 (1).jpeg

"Unsupported Branches"

Original Mixed Media Painting

This commission was a recreating of another original painting called "Independent Branches". The client requested a similar style that incorporated the colours in her home. Her space had many caramel tones which I tried to incorporate into the style of the piece.

"Mini Independant Branches"

Original Mixed Media Painting

Another recreation of "Independent Branches". This piece was created for a young girls new bedroom. I incorporated bright, neon florals and extra golds to give the piece a young energy feel.


"Fields Of Flowers"

Original Acrylic & Oil Painting

This commissioned work was created for a clients newly renovated bathroom. The bathroom had accents of gold, so the gold flakes were incorporated into this painting by client request.

"Best Friends"

Original Acrylic & Oil Painting

This commission was a recreation of "Detached Innocence". A client had purchased "Detached Innocence" and had another piece commissioned for her best friend who also loved the original. She asked for ferns to be added to the style.



Original Acrylic Painting

This commission was created for a young family who had just moved to Barrie and were wanting an original artwork from a local artist, for their new home! These lovely clients have a deep love for their adorable cat Sesame and of course, he needed to be a part of the painting!

"Lilac & Lilies"

Original Acrylic & Oil Pastel Painting

This commission was created for a wonderful client who loves colour as much as me! This piece was a recreation "Lilac & Stitch", which was actually the first original painting I ever sold! 

It was such a pleasure to recreate this painting and it reminded me of many of my earlier techniques that I rarely use now! This client asked for more oranges & yellows, which made the overall painting feel like a floral rainbow dream! 

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