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The Expedition Project

A journey undertaken by a group of 3 local Barrie Artists with a particular purpose to engage with the community, highlight the power of intuitive thought and embrace the power of capturing dreams.

The group will participate in Open Air Dunlop in Downtown Barrie where they will take you on an expedition from start to finish of a collaborative mural size painting. So come on out, hangout with us, and let us take you on a journey!

The expedition will start June 24th for their first Open Air Dunlop and finish at with a group exhibition show (more details to come) Make sure to check back in for updated information.

Full schedule and meet the artists are below!

June 24th - Sketch layout of the concept

July 1st - Sketch layout of the concept

July 15th - First layers

August 12th - Starting details & adding magical elements

August 26th - Detailing magical elements

September 9th - Making some colours and textures pop!

September 23rd (Culture Day Kick off) - Finishing touches

Meet the Artists!

My names Jocelyn Chassie, creativity makes me happy, and I believe the power of capturing dreams has the ability to simplify communication, elevate experiences, and inspire.

The biggest inspiration for my work comes from the earth itself and thus creating collections based on the five earth elements. Most of my work falls under the water collection. This collection explores clarity, purity and life itself through the brushstrokes and the motion of paint. These pieces reflect my paintbrush moving freely with my soul, and the movement of paint influenced by the energy of water. I like to explore different mediums such as acrylics, watercolour, and photography. Every experience that I have inspires me to create. I am excited to learn about you and to make something beautiful together through my photography and art.

As humans, our decision making abilities are driven by our personal feelings, but where do feelings come from and why do we have them? The answer is energy. Energy is present in everything that exists on earth; from nature, to humans, to the air we breathe; energy determines our existence and influences our experiences.

Think of a moment when you experienced a new environment or met someone for the first time, what did you feel & why? In any situation, those feelings were rooted in your impression of the energy surrounding that person or place.

My work aims to reflect my own impressions of the energies that surround us. I paint immersively colourful, sensory experiences, using texture, movement & balance to mirror different impacts of energy. My work is intended to reflect exactly what the viewer experiences, in any context. The feelings that impact your impression of my art, are intended to be unique to you. When you feel connected to a piece of my work, ask yourself; Why do I connect with this energy and what is the story behind those feelings?

My work highlights the power of intuitive thought, and works as a catalyst to emphasize the potential we have to find a deeper meaning & connection, within ourselves.

Hey there! My name is Kiara, or Ki, and I create custom artwork in many mediums— oils, acrylics, and even wood burnings. My passion project right now is to bring the breath-taking beauty of the Northern Lights to life through oil painting on canvas.

While living in a remote community in Northern Quebec, I was lucky enough to see spectacular Northern Lights what felt like almost daily. Living in the North helped reprioritize community, connection, and joy in my life. The process of painting Northern Lights has helped me release and reflect over the last year and I aim to create paintings that bring happiness into the homes of others. I set a goal for myself this year to become more engaged in our community through my art, particularly through large-scale collaborative artworks. I am so excited to see what we create together!

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