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Ryley James Art Gallery



Finding Light In The Darkest Places

My journey as an artist has always been led by my need for emotional expression.

I was simply born with a huge imagination and the never ending desire to create and express myself through any form of art. As a child, I loved to construct extravagant fictitious realities in my mind and write them into stories or scribble the details into my sketchbook. 

Once I got older, reality shattered my nieve imagination and I would then turn to art as a means to escape the mundane routine and return to my secret garden of childlike imagination.

Spring is only a season and the flowers I paint represent life's most beautiful moments in bloom. Just like flowers, moments can not last forever. However, my work serves as a reminder to take pause and open your eyes to see the world anew, a season of change as if you are once again a child. Live in your curiosity, linger to smell the roses and indulge every moment.


My newest series of original artwork, the ‘Curiosity’ collection, is inspired by childhood wonder and imagination. Each piece in the collection represents a time in all our lives, before we developed an ego, when the world was still full of colour and we used our imagination to solve our questions about life. When we were young, we didn't question our realities, we created them and we looked at the world around us with such little understanding, yet we accepted the realities we are given and still felt a sense of safety and security. Imagine if we still saw the world through a child’s eyes, what would be different?


This newer series of original paintings are inspired by change. Each original painting is influenced by a topic that I feel passionate about and hope to encourage a conversation that will help impact positive change. This series depicts topics such as environmental awareness, climate change, nature, femininity and mental health. 

I believe we all have the ability to affect change, but how we chose to do that is different. I believe energy defines our universe; how we think, interact & express ourselves; it impacts everything around us. When we chose to recognize our individual abilities & talents, we can find our power and how we chose to use it, is our prerogative. This is just one of mine.


A series of abstract expression using acrylic and oil paints to create art that expresses my truest inner thoughts. This collection is driven and inspired by my ADHD, depression and anxiety. This series exhibits my most authentic self. - "Tiny petals" reflects my racing curiosity, a space of joy and an outlet where I express my deepest emotions through the paintings movement and colours.


This collection was painted to the sound of Mahler's Symphony No. 9, due to the story behind the music. Mahler's Symphony No. 9 depicts his struggle between "hope and despair, meaning and chaos, joy and resignation in the face of his own death" -Ben Zander 

The music resonated with the emotions I was feeling during this time in my life and helped me to express my feelings through large scale movement & texture.